A Recovery Community for Teens and Families

Our Focus

Cornerstone Outreach is a family-based recovery community that teaches teens to live a healthy life, help parents lovingly support healthy behavior, and reunite families from addiction and self-destructive behaviors. 


12-Step Meetings

12-step meetings offer experience, strength, and hope to both parents and teens. Here teens and parents will be able to connect with others who have achieved recovery from self-destructive behavior, who have similar experiences, and found hope for themselves and their family. 

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Satellite is the heart of the Outreach program providing a safe harbor for teens to come after school. Satellite encompasses an enthusiastic and attractive environment for teens to build healthy peer relationships.

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Our Recovery Community

Houston has one of the largest recovery communities in Texas


Our Commitment is to walk this path with you through the turmoil, fear, and chaos. We are here to serve you and your family and be a guide to hope, healing, and recovery.



Read more about how teens and parents lives have been impacted by our recovery community.


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