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Our Recovery Community

Cornerstone Outreach includes various activities that lead us to recovery, such as 12-Step meetings, social functions, campouts and retreats, physical activities, and step studies to support teens and parents who are battling with addiction and self-destructive behavior.  

We provide a community for teens and parents to learn how to live a life based in the principles of the 12-Steps. Participants have access to multiple 12-Step meetings, safe social activities, and physical activities that drive emotional and spiritual growth 7 days a week. Our weekly activities are facilitated by our team who has extensive training and experience in the recovery field. 

Social activities include our Satellite after school program and weekend functions for teens to "hang-out" in a safe environment that creates self-exploration and bonding with healthy peers. All City Events are regularly organized as parent-teen activities aimed at helping families learn to have fun together by participating in healthy activities.  

It is encouraged for teens to participate in all Outreach activities and to connect with our team on a plan of action to create loving accountability and structure for their involvement. This provides a consistent, challenging - safe place for teens to grow and learn the tools of recovery, which will impact and shape the rest of their lives. 

Our hope is for each teen and family to gain honesty, self-esteem, selflessness, boundaries, and have a sincere commitment to recovery. Once teens establish healthy behaviors, Cornerstone Outreach serves as a environment to support their growth and transition into young adulthood by applying their tools to help manage their family and peer relationships responsibly while completing school and/or holding employment.

 As teens and parents progress in their recovery they become leaders in the Outreach activities where they have the opportunity to give back to their community by serving as mentors to newcomers entering in Cornerstone Outreach. The active involvement of the "old-timers" in recovery and our alumni community is a vital component to maintaining the strength and health of the parent and teen support groups. 

In addition to our Outreach schedule, we partner with a non-profit organization, Adventure Learning Program, founded by Scott Shumate who provides intensive physical activities like mountain biking, yoga, rock-climbing, boot-camp style workouts, and once in a lifetime wilderness adventures. The Adventure Learning Program provides opportunities to physically experience the principles that drive emotional and spiritual growth.

Cornerstone Outreach strongly believes in the physical component of recovery which teaches the importance of emotional and physical self-care as well as helps teens overcome their self-imposed limitations.  Participants of the Adventure Learning Program have  described their involvement as the turning point in their recovery. 

We encourage our participants to work closely with a licensed professional to help facilitate growth in recovery. Cornerstone Outreach is most effective for your teen if they are involved in clinical services. This provides an additional level of support for you and your teen to navigate the path of recovery. If you are in need of clinical services please reach out to our sister-company Cornerstone Team Counseling.