Our Story

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Cornerstone Outreach, LLC was created by a team of individuals who understand, that the vital component for teens and families to recover from self-destructive behavior, is a healthy community. Our community evolved from the closure of one of the many alternative-peer-groups in Houston that was founded by Kirk Campbell in 1999.

Our mission is to develop a recovery community where teens and families can learn the tools of recovery through a variety of activities to overcome barriers to personal growth. As well as, build young leaders to impact the Greater Houston community through their recovery by participating in service work, wilderness adventures through the Adventure Learning Program, and 12-step experience. 

Our entire team has extensive recovery experience and wholeheartedly believes in the message of recovery. Each team member has an intimate relationship with the 12-steps which enables them to coach and guide the recovery process for teens and parents. 

A integral piece of our community relies on the active participation of teens and families who provide their experience, strength, and hope to the newcomers as well as open their hearts and homes to the Cornerstone Outreach community.